Shandong Chunlong group plastic packaging printing Co. Ltd.

     Shandong ChunLong group plastic packaging& printing Co., Ltd  is located in egg economic development  zone of Longkou . Is a professional manufacturer of plastic packaging color printing bag, the company covers an area of 54666 square meters, building area of 8500 square meters. Existing staff 100 people, including  10 engineering and technical employees l, with fixed assets of 51 million yuan. a complete set of processing working procedure including blown film, printing, composite, slitting& bag making, and is equipped with granulation workshop, all the scrap melting granulation, avoid scrapping products into the market.
main equipment:  five set of film blowing machines, two printing compound production line, two high-speed cutting machines, 12 units automatic high-speed bag making machine, and full set of inspection equipment.
      In order to meet the market demand, our company  make a transform for our equipment
      In December 2013 ,the introduction of Japanese testing machine, used to detect printing links appear flaws, effectively improve the product  qualified rate.
      In April 2014, the introduction of automatic cutting machine, and further improve the cutting precision. In the August of same year, our company introduce self-supporting zipper bag making machine, further increase  the bag type
      In June 2015, the introduction of new 9 color printing machine, improves the work efficiency and printing precision. In July of same year introduce a new automatic blown film machine, its thickness uniformity of film were promoted.
      During our clients` attention for years, we adhere to innovating line to seek differentiation, keep trying the new materials and the development new type of  bag.